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5/27/2015 3:32:02 PM

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Ab Tak Chappan


Insert Gopal Verma and defect of the sound reproduction of serums of serums of K. with the topic of the pirns of wire killing the gangsters in their last '' '' ab Tak 56 of company holding the first role Nana Patekar, Revathi, Yashpal Sharma, Mohan Agashe and Jeeva in principal roles. After having gained the acclamation in their last '' of Ek Haseena Thi of '' of production together in particular (comprising Saif Ali Khan and Urmila Mantondkar), RGV and serums of serums of K. provide a director Shimit Amin (who of beginner earlier published Bhoot de Gopal Verma of RAM) this time around. The subject of the lives of the pirns of wire was first of all used and popular in the cinema of Hindi as of the beginning. But the treatment of the topic of ab Tak 56 ' S looks at rather different from the flicks of its kind.

Sadhu Agashe (Patekar Chick), an integral member of the branch of crime of the police force of Mumbai, chiefs a competing team of pirns of wire, which is given to eliminate the crime starting from the city (Mumbai) by the meeting. The film takes high level of interest with the outlines of the life of Sadhu which are revealed slowly (extending from its interactions with its wife with its colleagues). Police chief of police force, Pradhan (Mohan Agashe) to the full faith in Sadhu and approves it fully. There are some figures jealous as well in the branch of crime including/understanding Imtiaz Siddiqui (Yashpal Sharma) which believe as Sadhu acapare the fame only. The flick collects the dash when a new police chief of police force, Suchak (Jeeva) starts the scene. Providing a support sufficient to Imtiaz for its misdeeds, Suchak causes to reinforce the hostility between Imtiaz and Sadhu. A torsion in the tale occurs when Revathi (the wife of Sadhu) is assassinated. Sadhu leaves with the police force the force to the completion in addition to bad cops and of the killer of his wife. Other side, the force of the pirns of wire is arranged to kill Sadhu in a meeting. Driven out by them (of the pirns of wire), Sadhu goes well to fugitive. The history gains more interest when Sadhu enters another country with the assistance of the most desired hells Don, Zameer (Prasad Purandare) of India. The final approach then to leave the viewers quickly wishing for more.

The manuscript well is parked and handled with the brilliance. Sandeep Srivastava deserves marks of distinction but the history always misses some share nevertheless i.e. it draws the attention of the assistance sporadically because at a point it becomes slow and the other gathers balance suddenly. The choice of director Shimit Amin of beginner to make a film on pirns of wire killing out of the gangsters seems less enthralling according to the point of view of the assistances since they are not ready to observe the brutal meeting and the sinister subjects on the screen. Free from any entertainment, ab Tak 56 to be a disappointing experiment for those which come to simply observe it for the goal of entertainment. Cinematography by Vishal Sinha is impeccable. Sandeep Srivatava still impresses with dialogues without spot which he skilfully wrote for this film. The basic points by Salim-Sulaiman are substance of quality. Surprised of Parvez Khan with the orders brilliantly carried out of action. the execution Good-directed by Nana Patekar is the life of film. Prasad Purandare and Jeeva provide precise executions too. Competence is sharp in the action of Yashpal Sharma. Revathi is also perfect in its role. The other cast iron of film makes full justice with their respective characters. As a whole, ab Tak 56, in spite to have a full storyline, will not be able to produce lucrative results for the manufacturers because the sinister subject of the meeting does not have any interest for the common viewers.


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