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5/25/2015 3:11:42 AM

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Chalte Chalte


We saw the tastes of Raj Mathur front, particularly out of films of Aziz Mirza about oppressed which consolidate great dreams but are still confronted with larger obstacles. This time around, the director places his common hero of man in a history of love idealized which threatens to finish in the disaster when the acute matrimonial discord intervenes.

It not. Unfortunately, the film. Before it reaches its end of businesses, Chalte Chalte goes down in a marsh from the foreseeable situations, melodramatic adaptations and scenes of confrontation which transfer out of the order.

It starts rather promising however. The boy Raj (Shahrukh Khan) of the middle-class has a company of transport. He meets literally the Greece-constant dressmaker Priya (Rani Mukherjee) by the accident, falls for it of the charms and continues his whole way towards Athens to thwart it plans to marry his in love Sameer (Jas Arora) of childhood.

The destiny plays its hand and the flight is diverted towards the picturesque island of Mykonos. It is all Raj must take its greater life-defining step. The obligatory stopover gives to our hero the opportunity to work his magic on the vulnerable lady. The manuscript places a reasonable step while Shahrukh courts Rani - both holds the first role the rustle to the top of a rate/rhythm nice creature of habit - with a mixture of serious and of silly thing.

First half of Chalte Chalte throws to the top of a few comic moments which could be to the bottom good matched with the masses. In a scene which to be right to the top Shahrukh lane, in love, to separate by a right distance and much noisy traffic, to communicate through co-operative a pirn of wire. It is added until inoffensive drolery if you can really accept a 40 year old actor as romantic hero, madly, deeply in the love with the concept of the love.

But the history of love is only one pretext for the deployment of a tale of mawkish of blue matrimonial which goes up on one to build running with dissensions of personality, misunderstandings small, accesses of jealousy, serious heartburn and pains of culpability.

Raj is a man individual-fact, an impetuous trifle and unschooled. Priya is an image of balance and sophistication. It thrives of spontaneousness; it dies of desire of emotive lift. The result: They quarrel like cats, connect to the top, still fight, compose, fly in addition to handle once again… The pure gibberish trails so that too much long is effective.

To be that as it can, Chalte Chalte supports an acceptable level of competence in the majority of the crucial departments. Cinematography by Ashok Mehta has a quality uniformly translucent, the music by Jatin-Lalit and Aadesh Shrivastava and the picturisation of the songs is well above average, the characters generally are actually molten and Shahrukh and Rani provide well-rectified executions.

Revels de Shahrukh in the scenes which use its raised forces, whereas Rani draws the best from the quieter moments of film, if small fact of the gestures all what are necessary. Sadly, Chalte Chalte is a film which is not added completely until the sum of its parts.

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