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5/30/2015 12:12:25 AM

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Dil Maange More


The hopes run the high one naturally, when the feeling of teenager and gaining it of the male beginning most promising and the fresh face of the rewards of year in 2003, Shahid Kapoor, holds the first role in a new release. Shahid, which was espionné like next superstar, was in the news recently for a heap of reasons. More diluted Maange, directed by promises of Ananth Mahadevan to give you more than your share of excitation and recreation, if the promotions are something to go near. Did the film see until the promotions? Hmm, well. Let us see.

Nikhil (Shahid Kapoor) lives in picturesque Samarpur, some share in the state of Uttaranchal, with his/her mother (Smitha Jaykar). It is insane about football, and likes Neha (Soha Ali Khan). Neha also likes it, and the mother of Nikhil and the father of Neha (Kanwaljeet-too stiff) are more than happy with the match. Thus, where is the problem, type? The problem is that although Neha likes Nikhil, it is interested to continue a career in aviation. It wants to explore the world, with or without its beautiful. It leaves for Mumbai, and Nikhil is broken heart. It trotte with Mumbai, with the test and striking a certain direction in it, and courts behind it. Neha is solved, and Nikhil takes employment with a local store of music of the planet M, to be around and to try its best to bring it back. The life of Nikhils is made more interesting by its owner and wisher good A.R.Rehman (yes, you heard well) (Gulshan Grover), his/her Sara colleague (Joshi tulip) and its to strike burning and male, heat-wasted close Shagun (Ayesha Takia). Nikhil accepts the refusal of Neha, and starts to fall into the love, initially with Sara and later with Shagun, only to realize that now Neha wants it behind. Begin its nightmare thus, being driven out and being badgered by not one but three girls, and life of Nikhil expectedly, the turns in a profane disorder. Which made Nikhil, and how it manages to get clear (it? ?) form the node of the history.

Diluted Maange is not more a very long film (14 reels), but it has astonishing cinematography. The places are amazing, whereas some of the projectiles of panoramic and carriage are well carried out. Ananth Mahadevan matured after his strikes earlier as diluted, Vil, Pyar, Vyar, and its direction is completely good. The musical points, by Himesh Reshammiya, are average, with the song of outside being held “Gustakhiyan”. This song takes to you on a lane of memory of voyage to the bottom, with a rate/rhythm of rock and bearing, and points out the days of Shammi Kapoor to you. “Aisa Deewana” is also hummable. The remainder of the sound track is forgettable. The lyric one of Sameer is also pretty ordinary.

Cast iron, Soha Ali Khan making his beginning does not impress. It is very average, and must improve it of the temporary qualifications, and makes a crash course of the delivery of pronunciation and dialogue. The Joshi tulip improved enormously, after its beginning in “Meri Ki yaar Shaadhi”, and is pleasant and qualified. Ayesha Takia, which was seen in Tarzaan, and will be seen soon in “Socha of seeming of Na Tha” goods and of the acts very well, particularly in scenes where it must leave its fly of hardening and throw a mood. This girl has a good future. The exposure belongs finally to Shahid Kapoor, which is brilliant, if it is while dancing, song, romancing or all while feeling sad. Its direction of comic synchronization is also perfect. It east seems to be the only current actor, who can give to Hritik Roshan by race for his money, in the department of the dance. It is really a superstar in manufacture.

Diluted Maange is more good in the parts, particularly where the director takes an excavation with the urban life in Mumbai, and while the teenyboppers are likely to roll up it upwards, the remainder of the assistances is likely to give very to a cordial reception of Luc, by new year.


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